GeoComputing Group LLC

Member of a team responsible for setting worldwide standards for Linux clusters, servers and desktops for a multi-national oil and gas firm where all the solutions provided had to be completely automated. Personally responsible for developing custom initrds in order to integrate newer hardware into Rocks 4.3 clusters as well as testing hardware for inclusion in the cluster standard. Developed custom rolls to provide updates and bug fixes to Rocks 4.3 cluster installations worldwide. Built numerous RPMs to allow custom software and services to be included in custom RHEL 4 and RHEL 5 server and desktop builds. Developed a benchmarking system for hardware that included booting using PXE and automated result comparison using the Phoronix test suite as a backend. Personally developed an entirely automated solution for updating the BIOS and DRAC firmware included in DELL systems. Helped develop a team standard for RPM builds using existing tools. Documented existing and new standards and procedures for a global standards team as well as for the clients of the global standards team. Responsible for troubleshooting issues with Exceed on Demand applications deployed worldwide using Redmine for issue tracking. Member of a team developing a RHEL 5 build to replace the legacy RHEL 4 server and workstation builds. Researched options for an updated cluster standard to replace the legacy Rocks 4.3 cluster standard.