Responsible for deploying large and small Linux based clusters for academic and corporate clients using: NPACI Rocks (Centos 4.x -5.x/RHEL 4.x-5.x), Rocks+ (Centos 4.x-5.x/RHEL 4.x, 5.x), PlatformOCS (RHEL 4.x), and xCAT (Centos 4.2). Deployment included configuration of all hardware including any supported storage systems, networking components including InfiniBand, and all server hardware. Developed custom deployment solutions for xCAT and NPACI Rocks/Rocks+ systems based on customer requirements. Custom solutions including developing a custom Anaconda kernel and initrd in order for CentOS 4.2 to deploy on Intel quad core processors not recognized by the standard Kickstart/Anaconda environment. Developed custom install environments for clients using the Rocks XML Kickstart environment to configure IPMI, InfiniBand devices, DRAC virtual devices, provide custom partitioning, add external storage, create mountpoints, add custom mountpoints to fstab, install custom RPMS, and add custom metrics to the Ganglia monitoring system. Developed course and lab materials for a commercially available NPACI Rocks training class. Responsible for teaching the NPACI Rocks training course.